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Also known as:
Cryostasis: Sleep of Reason
Belongs to Series:
Available on: PC

Developer: Action Forms
Publisher: 1C, 505 Games
Community sites:

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Patch 1.1
Download Direct2Drive patch 1.1 (153MB)
Download european PhysX performance patch 1.1 (186MB)
Download northamerican CD/DVD NVIDIA PhysX performance patch 1.1 (47MB)
Download northamerican Digital River NVIDIA PhysX performance patch 1.1 (48MB)  Use this patch only if you have the Game Agent version of the game

    List of changes in patch 1.1

Download russian patch (168MB)

Patch 1.02
Download polish patch 1.02 (216MB)

    List of changes in patch 1.02

Download russian patch (43MB)

    List of changes in this patch (russian)

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