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Also known  as: FIFA Soccer 08
Available on: PC
Available Addons: -

Developer: Electronic Arts
Publisher: EA Sports

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Patch 3 / Winter Database Update (3MB)
This patch requires patch #2 to be installed. For convenience we have combined all localized patches into one download. For details on which one you need, check out this list:
Brazil (applies to: Brazil)
Central (applies to : english/Central Europe, french,german,italian,dutch)
Eastern (applies to: english/Eastern Europe, czech, polish, hungarian, russian)
Nordic (applies to: english/Northern Europe, swedish, danish)
North America (applies to North America, Mexico)
Southern (applies to: spanish & portuguese)

Patch 2
Brazil retail CD/DVD patch (8MB)
Brazil direct download patch (8MB)
Central Europe (i.e. Germany,France,Benelux) retail CD/DVD patch (9MB)
Central Europe (i.e. Germany,France,Benelux) direct download patch (8MB)
Eastern Europe (i.e. Poland,Czech,Slovakia,Hungary) retail CD/DVD patch (9MB)
Eastern Europe (i.e. Poland,Czech,Slovakia,Hungary) direct download patch (9MB)
Nordic Europe (i.e. Denmark,Norway,Sweden,Finland) retail CD/DVD patch (8MB)
Nordic Europe (i.e. Denmark,Norway,Sweden,Finland) direct download patch (8MB)
Southern Europe (i.e. Italy, Spain) retail CD/DVD patch (8MB)
Southern Europe (i.e. Italy, Spain) direct download patch (9MB)
UK retail CD/DVD patch (8MB)
UK direct download patch (9MB)
North America retail CD/DVD patch (8MB)
North America direct download patch (8MB)

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