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06. (+1) Mount & Blade: Warband
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08. (+2) Euro Truck Simulator
09. (-1) Civilization 5
10. (+4) Starcraft 2
11. (-2) Company of Heroes
12. (+3) IL-2 Sturmovik
13. (-1) Torchlight 2
14. (+4) Agrar-Simulator 2013
15. (N) Empire: Total War
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News entries 1997

Patches added in 1996


changes december, 29th

One final update before the year is over:
  • added A-10 Cuba! 1.01 [124K]
  • added Battlecruiser 3000 AD 1.0 to 1.01c r3 [698K] - replaces
  • added Battleground II: Gettysburg 1.24 (UK-release) [3499K] - replaces
  • added Battleground II: Gettysburg 1.2x to 1.24 (US release) [454K] - replaces
  • added Heroes of Might & Magic II 1.1 for Windows 95 [391K]
  • added Heroes of Might & Magic II 1.1 for DOS [519K]
  • added Hind for Windows 95 1.1 [566K]
  • added Jagged Alliance II: Deadly Games 1.13z [1101K] - replaces
  • added Lords of the Realm II 1.03 [855K]
  • added MissionForce: Cyberstorm 1.1 [1463K]
  • added Shattered Steel 1.11 [848K] - replaces
  • added Third Reich 1.32 [454K] - replace
  • added Tomb Raider (Rendition Ready 3D upgrade beta 3) [349K] - replaces
  • added Wages of War 1.1 [1394K]
  • added disk 1 [1259K] & disk 2 [814K] of Wargame Construction Set III: Age of Rifles 1.2 - replace

    changes december, 20th

  • added Hind 1.1/Win95 [579K]
  • added Leisure Suit Larry VII 1.2 [1025K]
  • added a 3DFX upgrade with antialiasing [439K] for Tomb Raider - replaces
  • added a Rendition Ready 3D upgrade beta 2 [349K] for Tomb Raider - replaces

    changes december, 19th

    A first patch for Discworld II: patch 2 for Windows 95 (only) [129K]

    changes december, 18th

  • added Third Reich 1.31 [453K] - replaces
  • added Harpoon Classic 97 1.62c [2574K]
  • added Nibbly '96 1.20 (german) [80K]
  • added Tomb Raider (Rendition Ready 3D beta 1) [349K]
  • added Gender Wars fix v0.1 (ATI Mach 64 fix) [357K]
  • added Over the Reich 1.01 for Windows 95 [103K] & for Windows 3.1 [86K]
  • added Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall 1.05.195 [1201K] - replaces

    changes december, 17th

    I'm getting older. Depressing, isn't it? I'll try to stay away this day from the net and waste some time elsewhere...

    changes december, 16th

    All mail sent to me between december, 14th and december, 16th is most probably lost due to a crash of one of our servers. Please resend it in case you expect me to answer. :)

    changes december, 13th

  • added Age of Sails 1.02 (US release) [223K]
  • added Destiny 1.140 [934K]
  • added Das Schwarze Auge: Sternenschweif 1.04 (german, diskversion) [187K]
  • added Das Schwarze Auge: Sternenschweif 1.02 (german, CD version) [92K]
  • added Duke Nukem 3D 1.4 to 1.5 [673K]

    changes december, 11th

  • added Destiny 1.138 [934K] - replaces
  • added SimCopter 1.01 [1862K]

    changes december, 10th

    Mac updates
  • added Dark Castle '95 3.0.3 to 3.0.4 [63K]
  • added Gabriel Knight II 1.2 [704K] - replaces gk2_patch.sit.hqx
  • added Apache Longbow 1.1.2 [583K] - replaces macapatch1_1_1.sit
  • added Marathon 1.1 to 1.2 [273K]
  • added Forge of Anvil 1.0.2 [495K]
  • added Pathways Into Darkness 1.x to 2.0 [516K]
  • PC updates
  • added Star General 1.01 for DOS [248K] and Windows 95 [318K]

  • changes december, 9th

    Announcement: People, who contributed greatly to this archive will be able to get a free copy of a "Games Patches" CDROM. Please get back to me with your e-mail and snailmail address and i'll arrange a copy for you.

  • added Battleground II: Gettysburg 1.2x to 1.23 (US release) [4162K] - replaces
  • added Battleground III: Waterloo 1.06 (US-release) [666K] - replaces
  • added an extra fix to Jane's Combat Simulations: AH-64D Longbow 1.08 [89K] for users experiencing slowdowns
  • added Radix: Beyond the Void 1.1 to 2.0 (registered) [2231K]
  • added Radix: Beyond the Void 1.1 to 2.0 (shareware) [1503K]
  • added The Civil War / America 1.x to 2.02 [1568K] - replaces cw115*.zip & cw116*.zip
  • added The Civil War / America 2.0x to 2.02 [784K]
  • added an extra fix for users with 4meg RAM for The Civil War / America 2.02 [590K]
  • added Tomb Raider 3dfx upgrade [439K]

    changes december, 4th

  • added Third Reich 1.3 [452K] - replaces

    changes december, 3rd

  • added Battleground III: Waterloo 1.05 (US version only) [636K] - replaces

    changes december, 2nd

    Game Companies
    Schwerpunkt - added
    Stormfront Studios - updated
    Papyrus Group - removed
    PC updates
  • fixed entry for NCAA Championship Baseball fix 2 to NCAA Championship Basketball fix 2

  • changes december, 1st

  • added Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall 1.04.191 [1185K] - replaces
  • added fix for Morgana in Drowned God [923K]
  • added fix for Cyrix Pentium clone CPUs for Drowned God [922K]

    NOVEMBER '96

    changes november, 30th

  • added Descent II 1.2 for DOS [789K] - replaces
  • added Descent II 1.2 for Windows 95 [1852K]
  • added Links LS 1.30 (european version) [1025K]
  • added NCAA Championship Baseball fix 2 [321K] - replaces
  • added Titanic: Adventure Out Of Time video fix [34K]

    changes november, 29th

  • added NHL Hockey '97 1.1 for DOS [831K]
  • added NHL Hockey '97 1.1 for Windows 95 [720K]

    changes november, 28th

    Game Companies
    Europress Software - added
    I-Motion - updated
    Infogrames - added
    Inscape - added
    Metropolis - added
    Mission Studios - added
    Mobeus Designs, Inc. - added
    StarGate Networks - updated
    Scavenger - removed
    Starbyte - removed
    PC updates
  • added The Games Factory 1.01 for Win3.1 [1041K]
  • added The Games Factory 1.01 for Win95 [2344K]

  • changes november, 27th

  • added Links LS 1.00 to 1.30 (US) [996K]
  • added Links LS 1.10 to 1.30 (US) [572K]
  • added Links LS 1.20 to 1.30 (US) [482K]
  • added Klick & Play 1.2o for
    UK version [784K],
    french [786K],
    german [788K], - replaces
    italian [718K],
    spanish [719K],
    portuguese [719K],
    polish [719K],
    swedish [785K],
    US version [782K] - replaces
  • added Master of Orion II 1.1 to 1.2 [1604K]
  • removed & - obsolete

    A beta upgrade for 3DFX owners of Tombraider is available at Eidos Interactive.

    changes november, 26th

  • added AD&D Core Rules fix #3 [3189K]
  • added Bundesliga Manager 97 1.20 (german) [1390K] - replaces
  • added Conquest of the New World 1.10 to 1.12 [223K] - replaces
  • added SkyNet 1.01 [178K]
  • added Third Reich 1.22 [449K] - replaces

    changes november, 22nd

  • added American Civil War 1.21 [2995]- replaces
  • added Destiny 1.136 [927K] - replaces
  • added Destiny 1.136 (german) [872K]
  • added SimCity 2000 Network 1.1 [1707K]

    changes november, 19th

  • added SU-27 Flanker 1.1 for Win95 (stutter patch, beta!) [207K]
  • added Microsoft Golf 1.0 (improved swing control) [10K]
  • added Lighthouse 1.1 [60K]
  • added Microsoft Golf 2.0 PlayerNet update [486K]

    changes november, 17th

  • added a multiplayer(?) fix for Microsoft Golf 3.0 [4368K]
  • added a fix for people having trouble with CD changing in Nemesis: A Wizardry Adventure [481K]

    Fixed some incorrect links, most notably the australian mirror. Sorry for this, but i hadn't been informed of any change. I hope i'll able to update it in a few days, but this is really beyond my control.

    changes november, 16th

    Game Companies

    Attic Software GmbH - added
    Avalon Hill Games - updated
    Bitmap Brothers US mirror - added
    Bloodlust Software - updated
    Cyberdreams - removed
    Criterion Studios - added
    Digital Integration - added
    DMA Design Ltd. - added
    EA Sports - added
    Eidos Interactive - added
    Falcon Northwest - added
    Firestorm - added
    GTE Entertainment - added
    Hipnotic Interactive - added
    Philips Media - added
    reLINE Software - updated
    Mac updates
  • added Apache Longbow 1.1.1 [429K] - replaces ApacheLongbow_patch01.sit.hqx
  • added Out of the Sun 1.1.2 [590K]
  • PC updates
  • added a new german fix for Die Fuggger II (19th september '96) [327K]
  • added Battlecruiser 3000 AD 1.01/1.01c to 1.01c release 2 [1111K]
  • added new online manual for Destiny [1737K]
  • corrected entries of Final Fight 1.1 *sigh* to Fire Fight 1.1 (registered) [1304K] & Fire Fight 1.1 (shareware) [1551K]
  • added Total Control Football 1.3 for DOS [686K]
  • added Total Control Football 1.3 for Windows95 [504K] - replaces
  • removed Battlecruiser 3000 AD 1.01a to 1.01b - obsolete

  • changes november, 15th

  • added Bundesliga Manager '97 1.10 (german) [1378K]

    changes november, 13th

  • added Biing! 1.4 to 1.41 (german and only for disk!) [359K]
  • added NBA Full Court Press Basketball (rating patch) [150K]
  • added Third Reich 1.21 [448K] - replaces

    changes november, 12th

  • added a better version of F1 Manager '96 (german manual addendums) [208K]- replaces
  • added Bundesliga Manager Hattrick 1.39 (german) [368K]

    changes november, 8th

  • removed Battlecruiser 3000 AD 1.01c patches - recalled
  • added Destiny 1.135 [916K] - replaces
  • added Links LS 1.00 to 1.20 (US release) [999K] - replaces
  • added Links LS 1.10 to 1.20 (US release) [291K]

    changes november, 7th

    I finally found a website devoted to Andrew H. Dentons work (those raytraced aliens...).
  • added Strife 1.2 to 1.3 [160K]
  • added a Warwind crash fix (beta!) [332K]
  • added Wooden Ships and Iron Men 1.01 [167K]
    This fix might be beta since it came with no docs and wasn't on Avalon Hills website yet...

    changes november, 6th

    It seems like there creeped a CRC error into my first version of Mercs 1.05 . So here it is again:
  • Mechwarrior II: Mercenaries 1.05 {disk 1/2} [1423K]
  • Mechwarrior II: Mercenaries 1.05 {disk 2/2} [1294K]
  • added Battlecruiser 3000 AD 1.00 to 1.01c [2538K]
  • added Battlecruiser 3000 AD 1.01a to 1.01b [905K]
  • removed Battlecruiser 3000 AD 1.01a - obsolete
  • added Links LS 1.10 [996K]

    changes november, 5th

  • added NCAA Championship Baseball ("dead player" fix) [320K]

    changes november, 1st

    New mirror in denmark!
    Check out Cybernet or download some games patches from them.

  • added Third Reich 1.2w95 [373K] - replaces
  • added Mechwarrior II: Merceneraries 1.05 disk 1 [1423K] & disk 2 [1294K]
  • fixed entry for Nihilist to Nihilist 3.6 (german release)

    OCTOBER '96

    changes october, 31st

    Mac updates
  • added Apache Longbow 1.0.1 [590K]
  • PC updates
  • added Outpost 1.51 (german, CD-release) [1001K]
  • added Nihilist 3.6 [629K] - might be german only...
  • Apparently there was a bug in the first release of Madden '97, since EA just came out with a revised copy of Madden NFL Football '97 1.1 [1081K]
    Furthermore it looks like Mechwarrior II: Mercenaries 1.05 will be out by today. Check this new page out for a "tablelized" version of this page.

    changes october, 28th

  • added Third Reich 1.02 [193K] - replaces
  • added Battlecruiser 3000 AD 1.0a to 1.0b [905K]
  • added Battleground: Ardennes 1.3 [4469K] - replaces bga11_[1-3].zip
  • added Battleground II: Gettysburg 1.2x to 1.22 [3769K]
  • added Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall 1.03.179 [550K] - replaces
  • added Destiny 1.131 [665K] - replaces
  • added Stars! 2.5 to 2.6b (registered) [886K]
  • added Stars! 2.5a to 2.6b (registered) [885K]
  • added Stars! 2.6 to 2.6b (registered) [463K]
  • added Stars! 2.6a to 2.6b (registered) [173K]

    changes october, 25th

  • added Battlecruiser 3000 AD 1.0a (US release) disk 1 [1059K] , disk 2 [1079K] & disk 3 [901K]
  • added Total Control Football 1.1 (Windows95-only update) [503K]

    I also started work again on a new european mirror - maybe it will happen this time...

    changes october, 24th

  • added Destiny 1.13 - version dated 10/03/96 or newer required
  • added F-22 Lightning II (beta!) - replaces
  • added Madden '97 1.1

    changes october, 23rd

  • added Silent Hunter 1.11 - replaces

    changes october, 22nd

    Mac updates
  • added IndyCar Racing II 1.0.1
  • fixed entry for Sim City 2000 to Sim City 2000 1.2 (680x0 mac)
  • PC updates
  • added Silent Hunter 1.1 to 1.11

  • changes october, 19th

    Mac updates
  • added Close Combat 1.0a
  • PC updates
  • added Rally 1.1
  • added Warcraft II 1.30 to 1.33 (US release only)

  • changes october, 18th

    Mac updates
  • added Comanche 1.0e17
  • added Drumbeat / U-Boat II 2.0.2/3 to 2.0.4 (PPC) - replaces DBto203.hqx & DBPM203.hqx
  • added Drumbeat / U-Boat II pre-2.0.2 to 2.0.4 (PPC)
  • added Gabriel Knight II fixes
  • added Mechwarrior II 1.2
  • added Phantasmagoria fixes
  • added Shanghai I 2.01
  • added Shanghai II 1.05 - replaces sh105.sea
  • added Wolfpack fixes
  • PC Updates
  • added American Civil War 2.0
  • added Back to Baghdad 1.03 - replaces &
  • added Civilization II 2.42 - replaces
  • corrected entry for Daggerfall to Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall 1.2
  • added Galactic Civilizations II 2.5 - replaces , ,
  • added Mechwarrior II for Windows 95 1.1

  • changes october, 17th

  • added F-22 Lightning II 1.00.01
  • added F-22 Lightning II 1.00.04 (beta!)
  • added Thrustmaster .b50-replacement for F-22 Lightning II

    changes october, 16th is back, but we'll need a few days to bring its content up-to-date. I'll see what's up with Games Domain' mirror as well tomorrow.
  • added Third Reich 1.01
  • added Daggerfall 1.77 - replaces
  • added EF 2000 2.04 (german) - replaces
    See my german patches list for more german patches.
  • added EF 2000 2.04 (french) - replaces
    See my french patches list for more french patches.
  • added Kingmaker 1.52 - replaces
  • added Panthers in the Shadows 1.19 - replaces
  • added Tigers on the Prowl II 2.03 - replaces
    Owners of Z experiencing problems with their Diamond Edge 3D should download new drivers from Diamond for their card.

    changes october, 11th seems to be down right now - at least i was unable to reach it for a few days to update its contents...

  • added Shattered Steel 1.03

    changes october, 10th

    Separated german and french versions and made a single list for each of them. More cleanup and other stuff soon.

  • added a slightly enlarged new Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall fix 1
  • added a fix for high pitched noises on Cyrix 6x86 and AMD K5 for Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis (CD-version)
  • added a fix for IBM's Microchannel for Return to Zork
  • added an upgrade to a Win95 native version for Wing Commander IV

    changes october, 9th

    Game Companies
    Digi4Fun - added
    Merit Studios - added
    Norm Koger - game deloper - added
    ParSoft Interactive - added
    Scavenger - added
    Windward Studios Inc. - added
    PC Patches
  • added F1 Manager '96 manual addendums (german)

  • changes october, 8th

    Of course, Ridley Scott directed Alien and James Cameron directed Aliens.
    Silly me, i was mixing it with 2001 - A Space Odyssee, when i was writing the text. Mea culpa.

  • added Apache (27th september '96) - replaces
  • added Battleground III: Waterloo 1.04 (US-release) - replaces
  • added Battleground IV: Shiloh 1.03 (US-release)
  • added Close Combat 1.0a
  • added Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall (3rd october '96)
  • added Destiny (3rd october '96)
  • added Jagged Alliance II: Deadly Games 1.12 - replaces
  • added Death Rally 1.1 (shareware)
  • added Quake 1.01 to 1.06 - replaces &
  • added Silent Hunter 1.1 - replaces
  • added Wizardry Gold 1.1a1 - replaces


    changes september, 30th

    Mac Patches
  • added Carriers at War fixes
  • added Battlefront fixes
  • added Decisive Battles of the American Civil War 1.2.1 (PPC)
  • added Stalingrad 1.85 to 1.9
  • PC Patches
  • added Command & Conquer 1.22p - replaces
  • added Jagged Alliance II: Deadly Games 1.10
  • added RAN II 2.0 (german)
  • added Stalingrad 1.85 to 2.0 (unofficial!)

  • changes september, 28th

    It's kinda weird. I'm running this website for two years now and had several thousand people visiting it. But the first time i go on vacation after being online almost full-time for 5 years i get harassed by people about the graphical outfit. Once and for all: The alien nailed on a cross is and was never meant as a general offense to christianity, but instead is a black humored joke and an indication on what this site is about - to nail down BUGS and to eliminate them. If you have never seen Stanley Kubrick's ALIEN then i'm utterly sorry for you. If you like Science Fiction you should watch the movie! And if you rate some tiny pictures above all content of this site then it's definitely of no value to you. I'll ignore all messages like the bunch i just received , since i do not have a "sick soul", don't care if i'll "burn in hell" and enjoy being liberal minded which means i accept other peoples opinions about anything even if i don't agree with them.
    P.S.: A new outfit is in the works and will appear in the next month or so.
    But now back to more pleasant information:

  • added Wargame Construction Set III: Age of Rifles 1.01
  • added Aide de Camp 1.18 - replaces
  • added Battle Race 1.01 (german)
  • added Capitalism 1.10 - replaces &
  • added Conquest of the New World 1.10 to 1.11
  • added Deadlock Kali patch (unofficial)
  • added Descent II (update for Virge chipsets)
  • added Fighter Duel 1.1.00 - replaces
  • added Final Fight 1.1 (registered)
  • added Final Fight 1.1 (shareware)
  • added Grand Prix Manager 1.01 to 1.02
  • added Jane's Combat Simulations: AH-64D Longbow 1.08F (french)
  • added Jane's Combat Simulations: AH-64D Longbow 1.08F (german)
  • added Mad News 1.01 (german)
  • added Necrodome patch (shareware, 4th september '96)
  • added Netduel v1 for Fighter Duel 1.1.10
  • added Quake 1.05 (beta)
  • added Quake 1.05-beta to 1.05a-beta
  • added Zeppelin 1.01 (german release)

    In the future i plan to divide all files on the server into groups sorted by supported language (e.g. german, french, spanish) and english and multilanguage patches so foreign patches will be more easier to find. This will happen and be finalized somewhen in october.

    changes september, 10th

  • added Front Page Sports: Baseball '96 1.1
  • added IndyCar Racing 1.0.2 (DOS) to 1.0.1 (Win95)
  • added Tigers on the Prowl II 2.02 - replaces
  • added Flight Sim Toolkit update
  • upgraded user to level holiday

    changes september, 7th

  • added Jane's Combat Simulations: AH-64D Longbow 1.08F
    This is an english patch, with german and french patches to follow.
  • added Total Meltdown fix (dated 22nd august '96)

    changes september, 4th

  • added Panthers in the Shadows 1.18 - replaces
  • removed EF 2000 Midlife Update 2.02 (english) - obsolete

    changes september, 3rd

  • added EF 2000 2.04 (english version)
  • added EF 2000 2.02 to 2.04 (english version)
    german and french versions will be added at a later time.

    changes september, 2nd

    I removed the german Outpost CD patch to version 1.5 since my copy is corrupted. I'll replace it asap.
  • added an 8bit soundcard patch to Afterlife
  • added Elisabeth I. 1.01 (german)
  • added Hattrick! 1.2 (german)
  • added a fix to Jack the Ripper
  • added a fix to Pole Position (german CD version)

    AUGUST '96

    changes august, 30th

    I reapplied Pro Pinball - The Web 1.40k since it was neccessary to update to the Windows95 native version. Sorry for the mistake.

    changes august, 28th

  • added Civilization II 2.41 - replaces

    changes august, 27th

  • added Albion 1.38 (german version) - replaces
  • added Star Flight II save game fix (unofficial hack!)
  • added Klick 'n Play 1.2j (german)
  • added Outpost 1.5 (german, CD-version)
  • added Pro Pinball - The Web 1.50p
    This version converts a DOS-version into a Windows95 native one. Needs DirectX installed!
  • added Pinball - The Web 1.52p - replaces

    changes august, 26th

  • added Galactic Civilizations II 2.14 beta 2

    changes august, 25th

    Mac Updates
  • added Battle of Britain II 2.3.x to 2.3.3
  • added Drumbeat 2.0.3 (68k)
  • added Drumbeat 2.0.2 to 2.0.3 (PPC)
  • added Drumbeat 2.0.3
  • added M4 (fix for soundproblems on PowerMacs & AVs)
  • added Master of Orion 1.0.1
  • added U-Boat 1.5.3 (fix for soundproblems on PowerMacs & AVs)

  • changes august, 23rd

    Game Companies
    Bungie Software - added
    Military Simulations Inc. - added
    Take 2 Interactive - updated
    PC updates
  • added Aide de Camp 1.17 - replaces
  • added Back to Baghdad missions fix - replaces
  • added Tigers on the Prowl II 2.01

  • changes august, 22nd

  • added F1 Manager '96 1.12 (german) - replaces

    changes august, 17th

  • added Ripper 1.05 - replaces

    changes august, 16th

    Mac Updates
  • added a colour fix for Robosport
  • PC updates
    Conquest of the New World 1.10 is out. There are seperate fixes, one for US release and one for international release, means german, french and UK versions...
    It replaces

    changes august, 14th

  • added Fatal Racing 1.x to 2.0

    changes august, 13th

  • added Euro96 Soccer fix #1
    A patch for Fatal Racing to v2 which adds 3D Blaster support among others is also forthcoming.

    changes august, 9th

    Mac updates
  • added Chaos Overlords 1.1
  • added Riddle of Master Lu (PPC fix?)
  • added World of Xeen 1.x to 1.2
  • PC Updates
  • added Battleground: Waterloo 1.02 (UK-release)

  • Someone please confirm if all Mac updates are fine and if 'Lu_PPC.sea.hqx' really is a PPC-native fix for Riddle of Master Lu...

    changes august, 7th

    Found 3 bugs in my html-scripts which should be fixed soon. It's nothing serious, only people wanting to jump to 'numbers' will be affected. :)

    Mac updates

  • added TacOps 1.0.5
  • PC Updates
  • added Advanced Tactical Fighter 1.14

  • changes august, 6th

    It seems like our server likes it to crash a lot *sigh*...
  • added two new fixes to Back to Baghdad: fix 1 & a fix for Tallilho scenario
  • added Settlers II 1.02
  • added TacOps for Windows 1.04
  • added Random Games Island Casino 1.5

    changes august, 2nd

    I'm back after a break - a few hard days without the net...
    But back to basics:
  • added Battleground: Gettysburg 1.21 (UK-release)
  • added Chaos Overlords 1.1 for Windows 95
  • added Heroes of Might and Magic 1.1 for Windows 95
  • added some videocard fixes for Whiplash
  • fixed entry for Pandora Directory to The Pandora Directive
  • added midi patches for GUS MAX for Under A Killing Moon
  • added yet another beta patch (07/25) to Tony LaRussa Baseball III '96: disk 1 & disk 2.
    Also new is version 1.16 of Empire Interactive's 'The Civil War'. But since only their US-site but not the main UK-site carries this patch, this one might only work with a US-edition. Try it out, if you want and grab disk 1 & disk 2.

    Errr, and don't believe the counters on my pages to the point. It keeps resetting itself from time to time for unknown reasons. I already had twice this sort of fun with my start page. So the current number there is a mere 'guessing'.

    JULY '96

    changes july, 27th

    More Sierra updates!
  • added IndyCar Racing II 1.0 to 1.2
  • added IndyCar Racing II 1.1 to 1.2
  • added IndyCar Racing II for Windows95 1.1
  • removed - obsolete

    changes july, 26th

  • added a bunch of updates to Interactive Magic's American Civil War. You'll need all 3 updates together to successfully update your game: updated editor , updated map & the updated executable.
  • added Battleground: Waterloo 1.02 - replaces
  • added updates to Championship Manager II english leagues: belgium , dutch & spain
  • added Fighter Duel 1.92 - replaces
  • corrected entries for Empire Interactive's "American Civil War" to "The Civil War / Amerika" to avoid confusion since Interactive Magic now carries a game of the same name.
    Someone should stop companies from offering self-extractable archives (especially ones useful only in Windows!) on the net. I have no possibility of verifying if they are valid and/or correct or not. Give selfextractables out for magazine CDs, but NOT on the net! (rant off)

    changes july, 25th

    Mac updates
  • added an update to Al Unser Jr. Arcade Racing

  • changes july, 24th

    Quake full version is out! Ooops, wrong newsletter... :)
  • added Great Naval Battles IV Scenario Editor 1.1a
    This file seems to be missing in SSI's initial 1.1 patch to GNB4. Thanks to John Beaderstadt for sending it to me.
  • added Quake 1.00 to 1.01 (shareware)
    Thanks to Ben Grussi for forwarding me this bit of information.

    changes july, 23rd

    I updated my links page. I hope i got all incorrect links fixed and each section is now easier to find.
    Also added: Tyrian 2.0 to 2.01
    This updates both shareware and registered version. Instead i removed an old update to Tyrian 1.1 :)

    changes july, 22nd

    Game Companies
    BioWare Corporation - added
    Software 2000 - added
    Sunflowers Software - added
    PC updates
  • another revision (07/16) to Tony LaRussa Baseball III '96 1.10 (beta!)

  • changes july, 21st

  • added F1 Manager '96 1.10 (german) - replaces
  • re-added SVGA Air Warrior 1.16b
  • added Total Mayhem/Total Mania 1.1 (US-release) - replaces
  • added fixes for CD-ROM errors and memory problems with The Pandora Directive
  • added a first beta patch for Mechwarrior II: NetMech
    I also added a "fix" to IndyCar II which consists of new files to replace the ones you already installed with IndyCar II 1.00 . Since there was no official note of any kind i've no idea if this is valid or just some junk or ripped files from some addon by someone. If you want to, try this IndyCar Racing II fix. Please mail me, if it works at [email protected]. Thanks a lot in advance,

    changes july, 20th

    Final arrangements for a mirror in Taiwan are done. It was already in existence for quite some time, but until now i had no sort of confirmation when files were updated on their server. If you live in asia and everything else is just too slow for you, go visit them - they are quite fast. The site is I'll dig their real world name out asap...

    changes july, 18th

  • added Battleground: Gettysburg 1.21 - replaces
  • added Wizardry Gold sound fix
    I also got the swedish mirror at finally running. You can find their site on the web on I'm working on two more mirrors right now. More (maybe) soon...

    changes july, 16th

  • added a minor fix to Hexen: Deathkings of the Dark Citadel
  • added another Old Time Baseball 1.10 beta-patch: disk 1 & disk 2
  • added yet another betafix to Tony LaRussa Baseball '96
  • added Silent Hunter 1.01 (german release)
  • added Steel Panthers 1.2(Novastar), which should work with all Novastar addons
  • removed Quake 0.92 patch - obsolete

    changes july, 11th

  • added Die Fugger II update (german)
  • added Jagged Alliance 1.13 (CD-version) - replaces

    changes july, 8th

    Game Companies
    Legend Entertainment - added
    Ocean Software - added
    Trilobyte - updated
    VictorMaxx Technologies - added
    Ocean Software - US -removed
    PC updates
  • added Aliens 1.03
  • added Legions for Windows (Windows NT-fix) - replaces
  • added Mario is missing 1.1
  • added The Secret of Monkey Island (fix for SB on fast computers)
  • added The Secret of Monkey Island II (fix for SB on fast computers)
  • added Monopoly 1.3
  • added X-Wing (fix for Roland soundcards) - for diskversion only
  • added X-Wing (support for Colorado Spectrum Notebook Game Port) - for diskversion only

  • changes july, 7th

  • added Jeopardy! Platinum Edition fix
  • added Virtual Snooker 1.1 (UK-release)
  • added Virtual Snooker 1.1 (US-release)

    changes july, 5th

    I updated the Mac page and most mirrors as well. So i'm back on fixing those mirrors still in preparation...

    changes july, 4th

    Mac updates
  • added Warcraft 1.0.6
  • added PerOxyd 4.x to 4.7 (shareware) - replaces perOxyd42_46.hqx
  • added Bolo 1.07 - replaces bolo106.hqx
  • added Oxyd 3.9 - replaces Oxyd3_7e.hqx
  • PC updates
  • added an OS/2 fix for Warcraft II
  • added Warcraft II 1.20 (french release)
  • removed Warcraft II fix for Kali-users - obsolete
  • I'll update the Mac page later...

    changes july, 3rd

  • added Links386 2.02 (CD-version) - replaces
  • added an addon for Maya Queen
    The swedish mirror will (hopefully) be up any day now.

    changes july, 2nd

  • added the final update to Harpoon II disk 1 , disk 2 & disk 3 - replace
  • added Steel Panthers 1.20 - replaces &
  • added another revision to Tony LaRussa Basball III '96 1.10 (beta!)

    JUNE '96

    changes june, 27th

  • added PerOxyd 4.x to 4.3 (shareware) - replaces

    changes june, 26th

    Game Companies
    Bloodlust Software - added
    Sales Curve Interactive - added
    PC updates
  • added Full Tilt! (april '96)
  • added Quake 0.92 (shareware)

  • changes june, 24th

    Game Companies
    Firaxis - added
    ReadySoft Incorporated - updated
    Rogue Entertainment - added
    Sports Interactive Ltd - added
    Triton Productions - added
    Utopia Technologies - added

    changes june, 23rd

    Mac updates
  • added Empire Deluxe 1.1
  • added Inherit the Earth (big monitor fix)
  • added Might & Magic : World of Xeen 1.01
  • added Might & Magic III (sound update)
  • added Might & Magic III 1.02
  • PC updates
  • added Total Mayhem 1.0.2 - replaces

  • changes june, 22nd

  • added Panthers in the Shadows 1.17 - replaces
  • added Descent II 1.1
    Also added is Strife 1.2, with extra installations offered for users wanting to update their game in a DOS session or in a Windows session. The game is the same, there is no special Windows-version out of Strife!

    changes june, 20th

  • fixed fileentry of Silent Thunder to Silent Thunder 1.01 (US-release)
  • added Battleground: Waterloo 1.01
    ...and i fixed some wrong coloursetting in my misc page *sigh*

    changes june, 19th

  • added a beta (sound?)player for 11th Hour

    changes june, 15th

    Netmech for Mechwarrior II is out. Althought not a regular patch, it's an free upgrade to the programm and therefore here:
    Mechwarrior II: Netmech 1.0 (disk 1)
    Mechwarrior II: Netmech 1.0 (disk 2)
    Mechwarrior II: Netmech 1.0 (disk 3)
    Mechwarrior II: Netmech 1.0 (disk 4)
    Mechwarrior II: Netmech 1.0 (disk 5)
    Mechwarrior II: Netmech 1.0 (disk 6)
    Mechwarrior II: Netmech 1.0 (disk 7)
    Mechwarrior II: Netmech 1.0 (disk 8)
  • added Formula 1 Manager 1.05 (german)

    changes june, 14th

  • added Civilization 1.11a - replaces

    changes june, 13th

    I added TacOps for Windows 1.03 and changed the outfit of my start page. Its reduction in size should make it easier for people with slower connections to get here.

    changes june, 12th

    I added new german texts for Civilization II. You will probably need Civilization II 1.11 update first for this to take effect.

    changes june, 9th

  • added a Space Ace fix
  • added Panthers in the Shadows 1.16 - replaces
    I also finalized changes on my new page. I'll replace my current startpage with this one RSN.

    changes june, 7th

  • added Silent Hunter 1.01

    changes june, 6th

  • removed all Air Warrior-related files
  • added Star Trek Deep Space 9: Harbinger 1.1

    changes june, 5th

  • added Warcraft II 1.00 to 1.20 (german release)
  • added World Series of Poker Deluxe 1.0.6

    changes june, 3rd

  • updated link to Siedler II 1.02
    I started to redesign the page layout. More on this hopefully soon...

    MAY '96

    changes may, 31st

    PC updates
    I updated a couple of updates for Accolade's games:
  • Hardball IV , Jack Nicklaus Unlimited Golf , Live Action Football & Unneccessary Roughness '96
    These replace , , , &
  • added Silent Thunder 1.01
  • changes may, 30th

    I finally added the Macintosh page. The Amiga page got added as well. Now it's time for some general changes...

    changes may, 29th

    games companies
    Avalon Hill Games - added
    Playmates Interactive Entertainment - added
    Rocket Science Games - added
    Stormfront Studios - updated
    Twilight Zone Software - added
    game updates
  • added a newer Championship Manager II 1.56 patch
  • fixed info on Terminator: Future Shock's 1.30 patch to Terminator: Future Shock (US-release)
  • added Terminator: Future Shock (german release)
  • added Terminator: Future Shock 1.30 (UK-release)
  • removed Championship Manager II ('goalkeeper taking corners' fix) - incorporated in new
  • changes may, 28th

  • added Conquest of the New World 1.06 - replaces
  • added Total Mayhem 1.0.1
  • added Old Time Baseball 1.10 beta disk 1 & disk 2
  • added Tony LaRussa III '96 1.10 beta
    more to come...

    changes may, 23rd

  • added Siedler II 1.02 (german release)

    changes may, 22nd

    games companies
    Megatech Software
    game updates
  • added 'goalkeeper taking corners' fix for Championship Manager II
  • added fixes for Maabus
  • added Steel Panthers 1.19xx (beta!) - replaces
  • added an installation fix for Metal & Lace
  • added Power Dolls 1.0 to 1.2
  • added Power Dolls 1.2 to 1.3
  • changes may, 21st

  • added Rise and Rule of Ancient Empires 1.01

    changes may, 16th

  • added Indy's Desktop Adventures (installation fix)
  • added TacOps for Windows 1.02

    changes may, 15th

    Fixed problems with dynamic links, which also enabled me to downsize my pages. Thanks to AOL's stupid error message i was able to even recognize this bug.
  • added Galactic Civilization II 2.14 (beta!)

    changes may, 13th

    Another Apache 1.1 update got added, which is for the UK-version as well this time.

    changes may, 12th

    I finally was able to add a correct Colonization 3.0 (german). Note that the file on Microprose own ftp-site still has CRC errors. I fixed their patch by applying a copy of mapedit.exe someone send me of his german Col 3.0 copy. If this causes any troubles, please let me know.

    changes may, 11th

    games companies
    Capstone Software
    Catware Inc.
    Quicksilver Software Inc.
    Sanctuary Woods Multimedia
    U.S. Gold
    Viacom New Media
    Warner Active
    game updates
  • added Great Naval Battles IV 1.1
  • added Dark Sun II: Wake of the Ravager 1.1 (jewel case edition)
  • added SU-27 Flanker 1.1 - replaces su2711b[2-5].zip
  • changes may, 10th

  • added Panthers in the Shadows 1.15 - replaces
  • added Championship Manager II 1.56
  • added Conquest of the New World 1.05

    changes may, 9th

  • finally added Frontier: First Encounters 1.06 (german rel.)

    changes may, 8th

  • added Stars! 2.0b to 2.5
  • added Galactic Civilizations II 2.12a - replaces

    changes may, 7th

    I added quite a couple of patches for Air Warrior
  • Air Warrior 2.03b to 2.04b
  • Air Warrior 2.04b to 2.04d (for Windows 3.1)
  • Air Warrior 2.04b to 2.04d (for Windows 95)
  • Air Warrior 2.04d to 2.04e (for Windows 3.1)
  • Air Warrior 2.04d to 2.04e (for Windows 95)
  • Air Warrior 2.04e to 2.04f (for Windows 3.1)
  • Air Warrior 2.04e to 2.04f (for Windows 95)

    changes may, 6th

    ARGHHH! All links on my pages for Games Domain & Games Domain US were wrong. Why hasn't anybody told me? Fixed. More news and a new mirror will be announced in the next few days.

    changes may, 5th

    Game Patches archives for Macintosh & Amiga will open soon (as soon as i can finish html'ed index-files). You can download files from I have subdirectories for amiga , mac, pc and Gravis' Ultrasound soundcard.Spread the word...
  • added Galactic Civilizations II 2.12 - replaces

    changes may, 4th

    I have got a 3-Star review 3 Star Review by Yahoo Computing!!!
  • added EF 2000 Midlife update 2.02 (french rel.)

    changes may, 3rd

  • added EF 2000 Midlife update 2.02 (german rel.)
  • added EF 2000 Midlife update 2.02 - replaces &
  • removed - same as Road & Tracks - The Need for Speed (CD-ROM seek error fix)

    changes may, 1st

  • added Ultima II fix for Ultima 1-6 compilation
  • added Civilization II 1.11 - replaces

    APRIL '96

    changes april, 30th

    We're back after a system shutdown over weekend!
  • added Pro Pinball - The Web 1.40k - replaces

    changes april, 26th

  • added Civilization II 1.10 - replaces

    changes april, 25th

  • added Duke Nukem 3D 1.1 to 1.3d (shareware)
  • added Teamchef 1.02 (german rel.)

    changes april, 24th

  • added Heretic 1.2 to 1.3 (registered)

    changes april, 23rd

    game companies
    Three-Sixty - updated

    changes april, 22nd

    game companies
    Maxis Inc. - updated
    Data East - added
    game updates
  • added new update for Hexen 1.1 . This one will hopefully patch the diskversion as well. Leave me mail if it does.
  • added Ripper 1.03 - replaces
  • added Space Bucks 1.02
  • added Trophy Bass 1.01
  • changes april, 20th

  • added Civilization II 1.09 - replaces

    changes april, 19th

  • added Civilization II 1.08 - replaces

    changes april, 17th

  • added Apache Longbow modem patch - replaces
  • added EF 2000 Midlife update 2.01 - replaces
  • added EF 2000 Midlife update 2.00 to 2.01
  • added Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness 1.00 to 1.20

    changes april, 16th

    corrected entry for Hexen 1.1. It's for Hexen CD only!

    changes april, 15th

  • added Terminatore: Future Shock 1.30 - replaces

    changes april, 14th

    game companies
    Origin Systems, Inc.
    Stormfront Studios
    game updates
  • added Werewolf VS Comanche 2.0 / Comanche 2.01d - replaces
  • added Panthers in the Shadows 1.14 - replaces
  • added Steel Panthers 1.19 (beta!) - replaces
  • added SU-27 Flanker 1.1 beta 4 (needs previous betas installed)
  • added SU-27 Flanker 1.1 beta 5 (needs previous betas installed)
  • changes april, 12th

    game companies
    Crack dot Com - updated
    Velocity Games - added

    changes april, 11th

  • added Albion 1.27 (german rel.) - replaces
  • added Flight Unlimited (3D-Blaster update)

    changes april, 10th

  • added SimCity 2000 for OS/2 fix

    changes april, 9th

  • added Civilization II 1.07 - replaces

    changes april, 3rd

    game companies
    I also fixed some filedescriptions and inconsistencies.

    changes april, 2nd

    game companies
    Accolade - added
    game updates
  • added Top Gun 1.1
  • changes april, 1st

  • mirror page at is back
  • added Worms network fix (CD-version)
  • added Worms network fix (disk-version)
  • added Absolute Zero 1.04
  • removed & - obsolete

    MARCH '96

    changes march, 31st

    game companies
    Gremlin Interactive - added
    Sir-Tech - updated
    Stardock! Software - updated
    game updates
  • added SU-27 Flanker 1.1 beta 2 - replaces former, &
  • added SU-27 Flanker 1.1 beta 3 (needs 1.1 beta 2 installed)
  • fixed Terra Nova 1.09
  • changes march, 29th

  • added another Heretic 1.1 patch
  • updated a couple of patches for Sir-Tech games:
    Realms of Arkania fix - replaces
    Realms of Arkania II: Star Trail "kid faces" fix - replaces
    Realms of Arkadia II: Star Trails (fix for users with 32meg of RAM and more)

    changes march, 28th

  • added Civilization II 1.06 - replaces
  • added Galactic Civilizations II 2.11 - replaces
  • added Harpoon Classic for Windows 1.58a (+ latest scenario editor) - replaces

    changes march, 26th

  • added Panthers in the Shadows 1.13c - replaces
    added to game companies list:
    Ambrosia Software
    Discis Knowledge Research, Inc.
    Magnet Interactive Studios

    changes march, 23rd

  • another Civilization II update this soon: Civilization II 1.04 - replaces
  • added SU-27 Flanker 1.1 beta 1 disk 1,disk2 & disk 3
  • added Command & Conquer 1.07 to 1.20p (in french)

    changes march, 22nd

    Back from CeBIT. This show is getting bigger every year - unfortunately. But the good news is that all patches will finally be available on one CD. Walnut Creek CDROM is making it and it should hit stores around early april (if all goes well). Back to the news:
  • added a GUS fix for 11th Hour
  • added Steel Panthers 1.18x - replaces
  • added Battleground: Ardennes Disk 1,Disk 2 & Disk 3 - replace
  • added PBA Bowling for Windows95 1.13 - replaces
  • added Pro Pinball - The Web 1.30k - replaces &
  • added Shipyards II update
  • added Hexen 1.0 to 1.1 (registered)
  • added Anvil of Dawn 1.1
  • added Civilization II fix
  • added CivNet patch 3 - replaces
  • added EF 2000 2.0
  • added Star Emperor fix kit #2 - replaces
  • added SU-27 Flanker 1.04 (beta!) - replaces
  • added SU-27 Flanker 1.05 (beta, requires version 1.04)
  • added Zone Raiders fix 1
    Harpoon Classic for Windows 1.58 got another internal fix w/o changing it's version number.
    Fixed entry for Dawn Patrol update to "Dawn Patrol 1.7"

    changes march, 12th

  • added Allied General 1.1 - replaces
  • added Wing Commander IV (fix for S3 968 with IBM RGB524 RAMDAC)

    changes march, 11th

    I cleaned up my page design. New look and feel - and more graphics!

    changes march, 10th

  • added Amazon Guardians of Eden fix
  • added Ripper 1.0 to 1.01
  • added Terra Nova 1.09

    changes march, 9th

  • added Pro Pinball - The Web 1.30i (international release?) disk 1 and disk 2 - replace

    changes march, 8th

    Another mirror has appeared in the USA -
    more mirrors will show up soon - and a revamped webpage.

    changes march, 7th

    I added quite a lot of patches for New World Computing's products, thanks to George Huof of NWC:

  • Might & Magic IV: Clouds of Xeen update
  • Inherit the Earth upgrade (CD-version)
  • Inherit the Earth install-fix
  • More Vegas Games 1.00 to 1.02
  • Vegas Entertainment Pack 1.1
  • Wetlands 1.1
  • Spaceward Ho! for Windows 2.x patch
  • Might & Magic: World of Xeen (CD-version)
  • Might & Magic V: Darkside of Xeen Covox sounddriver
  • Might & Magic V: Darkside of Xeen (fix for SB Pro on INT 10)
  • Might & Magic V: Darkside of Xeen town-portal fix

  • also added Dime City 1.0c (german rel.)

    changes march, 6th

  • added Pro Pinball - The Web 1.30e - replaces version 1.10e
  • added Stars! 2.0a to 2.0b (registered)
  • added SU-27 Flanker 1.01 - replaces

    changes march, 5th

  • added M4 for Windows 1.04
  • added Harpoon Classic for Windows 1.58 - replaces

    changes march, 4th

  • added Chewy 1.1 (german rel.)
  • added Descent 1.0 to 1.5 (registered) - replaces
  • added Descent 1.4a to 1.5 (registered)
  • added Flight Unlimited 2.4 - replaces &
  • added Steel Panthers 1.16x (beta!) - replaces

    FEBRUARY '96

    changes february, 28th

  • added Terminator: Future Shock 1.0 to 1.20
  • added GUS-fix for Turrican II

    changes february, 25th

  • added Entomorph 1.1
  • added Pacific War 1.1
  • added Battleground: Gettysburg 1.02 - replaces
  • added Command & Conquer 1.07 to 1.20p (german rel.)
  • added Fighter Duel 1.0.45 (beta!)
  • added Wing Commander IV joystick calibration fix
  • added Wing Commander IV (support for Colorado Spectrum's Notebook Gameport)

    changes february, 22nd

  • added CivNet patch 2 - replaces
  • added Solitaire for Windows 1.1

    changes february, 21st

    fixed more quirks in my list...
  • added Duke Nukem 3D 1.1 (shareware)

    changes february, 20th

  • added Wing Commander III joystick fix for notebooks
  • added NHL Hockey '96 gameplay fixes

    changes february, 19th

    Welcome our newest mirror in United Kingdom: !
  • added Albion 1.25 (german only)
  • added Steel Panthers 1.15x (beta!, really!) - replaces

    changes february, 18th is up and running again. Feel free to use their mirror again.
  • fixed entries for Harpoon II (Deluxe) 2.1.13 and Harpoon Classic for Windows 1.55f
  • added Tony LaRussa II stadium fix (adds 2 more stadiums)
  • added FIFA International Soccer 4meg fix (lets you run the 8meg version with only 4meg RAM)
  • added Road & Tracks presents: The Need for Speed fix for CD-ROM seek error problems
  • added PGA Tour 486 Golf graphic card fix (mostly for ATI's and other incompatible cards)
  • added Wings of Glory 2.2 "the wishlist edition"

    changes february, 16th

  • added a 1995 league for Hardball V
  • added Unneccessary Roughness '95 fixes

    changes february, 15th

  • added Aliens v2 (french release only so far)

    changes february, 14th

  • added a fix for Lion for users with only 560K free lower memory
  • added SU-27 Flanker 1.03 (beta!) - replaces all previous patches

    changes february, 13th

    I cleaned some stuff and corrected one or two entries descriptions.
  • added Allied General 1.01
  • added Grand Prix Manager 1.01 (US-rel.)
  • added SU-27 Flanker 1.01 (beta!) and SU-27 Flanker 1.02 (beta, needs 1.01 patch!) Please report bugs in these beta releases to [email protected]

    changes february, 11th

    I'm currently in process of improving look and feel of my download pages. This makes them Netscape only! Sorry, but it seems unlikely Mosaic will catch up and Netscape is already de-facto standard. Tell me, if you like it.

  • removed Frontier: First Encounter 1.06 german patch
  • added Battles of Britain 1940 upgrade
  • added American Civil War 1.15 - disk 1 (UK-rel.) - replaces
  • added American Civil War 1.15 - disk 2 (UK-rel.) - replaces
  • added American Civil War 1.15 (additional files for int. rel.)
  • added Harpoon Classic for Windows 1.55f (+ latest scenario editor version) - replaces

    changes february, 10th

  • added Galactic Civilizations II 2.0.1
  • added Das Schwarze Auge II update (german only)
  • added Navy Strike (new video drivers)

    changes february, 9th

  • added Great Naval Battles: North Atlantik 1939-43 1.2 - replaces
  • added Great Naval Battles II 1.1
  • added ThunderScape 1.1
  • added Grand Prix Manager 1.0.1 (german rel.)

    changes february, 8th

  • added Grand Prix Manager 1.01 (french rel.)

    changes february, 7th

  • added Grand Prix Manager 1.01 (english rel.)
  • added Aide de Camp 1.16b - replaces

    changes february, 5th

  • disabled access to Frontier: First Encounters 1.06 (CD, german) - missing files
  • added Frontier: First Encounters 1.06 CD-version (UK-rel.)

    changes february, 4th

  • added Road from Sumter to Appomattox 1.25 - replaces
    i hope i wrote its name correctly this time *g*

    changes february, 2nd

  • added EA Sports Cricket '96 (fix for Trident VLB 9400 CXi videocard)
  • added EA Sports Cricket '96 (fix for 486sx machines)
  • added Crusader: No Remorse soundcard-patch (GUS,SB16&AWE,Ensoniq)
  • applied update for Hi-Octane disk 1 and disk 2
  • fixed entry for The Need for Speed

    JANUARY '96

    changes january, 31st

  • added Aide de Camp 1.16

    changes january, 30th

    Shame on me. I had files on my server which weren't listed in my indexfile at all. Here they are:
  • Siege/Tegel's Mercenaries (Soundblaster fix)
  • Stalingrad 1.85
  • Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe 2.1

    changes january, 28th

  • more quirks and bugs removed, some descriptions clarified, some oldies added
  • added Frontier: First Encounters 1.06 (german only, CD only)

    changes january, 27th

  • added Dawn Patrol 1.2 - replaces &
  • added Gabriel Knight II 1.11
  • added Harpoon Classic for Windows 1.55e (+ latest scenario editor) - replaces
  • added Battleground: Ardennes patch for Win95
  • added Battleground: Gettysburg 1.01
  • added Steel Panthers 1.14x (still beta...) - replaces

    changes january, 25th

  • finally got a version of NHL Hockey '96s patch which explains what it fixes. So it's new again: NHL Hockey '96 (fix for CD-ROM errors during games)

    changes january, 22nd

  • added Steel Panthers 1.13x (beta) - replaces

    changes january, 20th

  • added Biing! 1.4 (german)
  • added Maniac Mansion II: Day of the Tentacle fix for Pentiums (CD-version)
  • added Indiana Jones IV: Fate of Atlantis fix for Pentiums (CD-version)

    changes january, 19th

  • more quirks removed ... like filenames being longer than 8 characters...
  • added Stars 2.0 to 2.0a (registered)

    changes january, 18th

  • added Stonekeep 1.2 - replaces

    changes january, 17th

  • added PBA Bowling for Windows95 1.12 - replaces

    changes january, 16th

  • added Command & Conquer 1.07 to 1.19p - replaces
  • added Front Page Sports: Baseball '94 1.02 to 1.03

    changes january, 15th

  • more screwed textentries fixed, e.g. Fighter Wing 3.4 which was in reality Fighter Wing 2.0
  • added a joystick fix under Windows 95 for Last Dynasty

    changes january, 11th

  • added several patches for Locus:
    for CyberMaxx head mounted display
    for Virtual I/O Glasses
    for low lower memory
  • added fixed for Worms for CD-ROM and diskette
  • added Road & Tracks - Need for Speed

    changes january, 10th

  • in order to keep the archive ISO-9660 compliant, some files got renamed. this affected all filenames with a "-" in their name. "-" got replaced with a "_"
  • added Steel Panthers 1.12x (beta!) - replaces

    changes january, 8th

    facelifted the intro page. How do you like it now?
  • added Unneccessary Roughness '96 (5th january '96)

    changes january, 5th

  • added Apache Longbow 1.2 - replaces
  • added The Last Bounty Hunter save/load-fix (for all soundcards) - replaces &
  • added Drug Wars save/restore fix
  • removed Descent 1.0 to 1.2 (shareware) - obsolete
  • added DOOM! II 1.666 to 1.9 (german only) - replaces
  • added Radix: Beyond the Void 1.0 to 1.1 (registered)
  • added Radix: Beyond the Void 1.0 to 1.1 (shareware)

    changes january, 4th

  • added Empire II 1.00 to 1.01
  • added Hockey League Simulator II 1.12
  • added Under A Killing Moon 1.04 (with DOS/4GW 1.97)
  • fixed some descriptions, nothing marginal

    changes january, 3rd

  • added Crusader: No Remorse 1.21
  • added PBA Bowling for Windows95 1.11 - replaces
  • added a fix for Pro Pinball: The Web to version 1.10e
  • added Stonekeep 1.1
  • added Steel Panthers 1.11n - This fix from Novastar games replaces 1.11x from SSI (, but is still a beta and will be replaced by a soon-to-be released 1.2 from SSI.

    News entries 1995

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